Capping of the end of another decade is the striking symptom of a nation in constant social decline with the upswing of a rotten leadership draped in a populist shawl. Rodrigo Duterte has made an early mark of gross human rights violations, harboring a grave social debt against poor Filipinos.

His crusade against drugs and criminality have been unmasked time and again to expose the same economic and political deformity hiding in the bleached veil of misplaced confidence, crudeness, and empty rhetoric. The worst the Philippines has seen is lumped among the ranks of Duterte and his henchmen, forcing the country to witness a contorted celebration of killings, illegal arrests, rising debt, and an unbridled assault against human dignity.

Duterte’s government – despite its populist pretense – is not the hope of the Filipino people. Such positivities are mere deluded assertions which come from echoed whispers inside a holographic chamber of horrors. In fact, the Duterte government has morphed into a defensive agency which flinches at the sound of accountability. With the blatant lack of success in many of its campaigns and the looming crisis in all fronts, the government has laughably and dangerously dabbled in fakery, disinformation, pretense, and photoshopped successes.

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