After Randy, Fidel, and now Randall, too many, too soon and too tragic.

NDFP Peace Consultant Randall Echanis / JonB

I fondly recall how “brothers” Fidel and Randall engaged in unceasing juvenile banter and comradely taunts during idle moments or breaks in intense negotiations and serious consultations.

Randall had a refreshing wry humor and was funny even without trying. I recall he had to hold it long enough in the Utrecht train station because he had no euro coins to pay to use the Wash Closet (CR).

And we had our own naughty private jokes and codes. And he can be gullible and childlike I tell you.

But he is sharp and firm as could be. Simpleng tao pero matalim magsuri.

The evil forces snatched you away from all of us in such brutal, treacherous and heartless fashion. What creatures can ever imaginably do that to a quiet, gentle, unassuming man of peace in his sunset years?

There will be justice, RE.

We have not even finished wiping off our inconsolable tears with the sudden passing of your “brod” Fidel and now you followed his footsteps too soon. How very you, tol.

Another client, another day.
We will not rest, Randy.

-Edre U.Olalia