Anakbayan today twitted PCOO Undersecretary Badoy for slamming the efforts of its chapters to gather donations for the victims of the Taal eruption.

“Anakbayan and its chapters across the globe would like to thank our volunteers and those who have donated for the people directly affected by the Taal eruption. Despite struggling with toxic fumes and toxic government trolls, we have successfully mustered the youth towards unity and service,” said Alex Danday, Anakbayan national spokesperson.

“In fact, we are quite amused how Badoy, among many other government trolls, had the gall to attack concerned youth groups mobilizing for immediate relief, when their energy should instead be redirected to gathering donations and providing concrete actions.”


In a statement, Badoy had told the media that they found Anakbayan’s relief efforts “katawa-tawa.”

“You know what’s funny? It’s a government that has a lot to give to the military, even raining P50,000.00 to random birthday celebrants—a government that has billions allotted for corruption and petty politicking, yet is calling out for donations from its citizens,” continued Danday. “What’s funny is people like Badoy who, despite desperate efforts in worshiping Duterte, make it easier for the Filipino people to decipher the government’s ulterior motives—to treat disasters as a laughingstock.”

Anakbayan chapters in Southern Tagalog, Metro Manila, and Central Luzon quickly mobilized its membership to respond to the calamity, opening its offices in schools and communities for donation drop-offs in response to queries from concerned individuals, student councils, and other organizations willing to help the people of CALABARZON.

“The Filipino youth are responding to the citizens’ calls for aid, aid which the national government has not been able to provide in a timely manner by their own admission.”

The DILG yesterday, headed by ex-General Año, itself went so far as to solicit donations from the general public despite having an allocation of billions in public funds, a testament to the government’s unpreparedness for disasters.

“We are doing our part in nation-building, to shade our efforts is extremely petty and unprofessional, but not unexpected coming from the Duterte regime’s inutile partisans,” ended Danday.