Beyond stupidity and cowardice, this is outright treachery

MANILA, Philippines – Youth groups led by Anakbayan held a protest to condemn the Duterte regime’s sell-out stance on the Chinese vessel incident.

“Like selling soul to the devil, Duterte has given up Philippine sovereignty to China out of sheer puppetry,” said Alex Danday, Anakbayan national spokesperson. “We cry foul against the injustices faced by Filipino fishermen who fell victim by China’s territorial invasion and the government’s inutility in resolving PH-China dispute.”

Anakbayan slammed Duterte’s recent statement declaring that Chinese fishermen can continue fishing in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) within the West Philippine Sea.

“First, Duterte turned his back against the 22 fishermen who got rammed by a Chinese vessel. And then, he invoked the ‘friendship’ card to lay waste on our legal victory vs China over the West Philippine Sea,” added the youth leader. “This is not anymore a show of stupidity or cowardice. This is outright treachery!”

Danday further explained that the Duterte administration’s position is most likely influenced by how it is funneling billions in dollars in aid, debt, and investments from China. The government is reportedly seeking as much as US$14.3 billion in official development assistance (ODA) from China to finance 29 ‘Build, Build, Build’ infrastructure projects costing US$16.8 billion.

“By selling Philippine sovereignty, Duterte has committed at least two impeachable acts: betrayal of public trust and treachery. He can blabber all he wants, threaten us with arrest, but he can never escape the wrath of the Filipino people struggling to hasten his downfall,” ended Danday.

Alex Danday, Anakbayan Spokesperson | 09396181651
Al Omaga, Anakbayan Media Liaison| 09062856720