DUTERTE-PNP-AFP behind UN Human Rights Council Resolution

Certified Duterte lapdog and PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde has succumbed once more into the overused narrative of hysteria against the ever stronger international resistance versus the Duterte administration’s human rights violations. 

Following the United Nations Human Rights Council’s resolution last night calling for the probe of human rights situation in the Philippines, allies and Duterte regime loyalists have played the same old tune of blaming the revolutionary movement for this massive resistance. 

“All that this government could do is blame its critics because it cannot afford to defend itself at a time of intensified exposition by various sectors across countries. Duterte, along with his loyalists and allies, has been digging his own grave deeper. Unbeknown to himself, Duterte and his goons have long took the great walk of shame as he has been further exposed for his extra-judicial killings against the Filipino people”, League of Filipino Students national spokesperson Kara Taggaoa said. 

“The mere fact that international bodies are alarmed at the atrocities committed by the Duterte regime brings indignity to PNP and AFP, to his own goons he’s so proud of. Face-value and empty angst won’t protect the people. These are mere characteristics of a government that can’t defend and provide for its own people.The Philippine government is the culprit of the greatest crimes and social injustices that we continue to experience”, Taggaoa added. 

The ongoing drug war and other senseless wars waged by the Duterte administration generate ever stronger resistance movements inside and outside the country. 

“As long as Filipinos don’t get their socio-economic needs, while justice remains elusive for the thousands of victims of the state-sponsored killings, Duterte has no one else to blame for his own ouster but himself”, Taggaoa ended.

The leading anti-imperialist organization of the Filipino youth. The League of Filipino Students (LFS) started as an alliance against tuition fee increases and school repression during the time of Martial Law. Born September 11, 1977, the alliance formally became a national democratic mass organization in 1982. The LFS remains one of the largest student organizations in the country, continuously taking part in the history of the struggle of the youth and the people.