NDFP Chief Political Consultant Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Dear Fellow Activists,

Militant patriotic greetings to all of you!

Current conditions in our country are favorable for expanding and intensifying the mass movement within the framework of a broad united front of the Filipino people for national liberation and democracy against the traitor, terrorist, butcher, plunderer and swindler Duterte regime.

All the evil characteristics of this monster have been flagrantly exposed during the past months because of its exploitation of the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to seize emergency powers, inflict harsh lockdowns, kill innocent people, suppress freedom of the press and plunder hundreds of billions of pesos in the name of unfulfilled mass testing, care for the sick and relief for those who lost their jobs.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the erroneous policies of the Duterte regime have aggravated the existing intensifying crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system as a result of neoliberalism and state terrorism. We have reached a situation in which there is a consensus of the broad masses of the people that the Duterte tyranny is a plague worse than the Covid-19 and the Filipino people want to oust the tyrant from his throne.

Due to extreme restrictions, cruelty and extended militarist lockdown and unbridled plunder by the Duterte clique, the economy has sunk further and bankrupted the government and Duterte has further postured as being ferocious in order to terrorize and silence the Filipino masses. Despite the strong opposition of the people, Duterte insists on enacting into law the proposed bill which escalate state terrorism. This is even worse than martial law because it trashes the whole Bill of Rights of the 1987 Constitution. 

Because of the intensifying crisis and the revulsion of the Filipino people, the Duterte regime is a paper tiger at the strategic level. It is rotten to the core and easy to resist and hit with effective blows. Even if the regime is a real tiger at the tactical level, because of its military, police and death squad minions, every crime it continues to commit will further result in the immediate, strong and wide resistance of the people to further isolate, weaken and defeat the Duterte regime.

The rapid expansion and intensification of the mass movement under the policy and tactics of a broad united front are timely. Strengthen the basic alliance of the working class and the peasantry, win over the middle social strata and take advantage of the splits among the ruling classes to isolate, weaken and defeat the treason, terrorism and tyranny of the Duterte regime.

Now that the contradictions between the US and China are sharpening, the double-faced policy and relations of the Duterte regime towards the two imperialist powers are splitting the ranks of the ruling classes and the regime. The pro-US side of the regime are angered by the stupid sell-out by Duterte of the sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea to China even as it does not fulfil most of its promised loans that are onerous for the people.

Many reactionaries and even the US imperialists realize that Duterte cannot fulfil his promise to Trump to crush the armed revolutionary movement. Instead, this continues to grow stronger due to the worsening crisis, the oppression and exploitation of the people and due to the gross corruption of Duterte and his favorite generals in the procurement 
of overpriced military equipment, theft of unaudited intelligence and discretionary funds and the faking of surrenders, encounters and projects.

Even among the ranks of military and police officials and personnel, there is a clash between Duterte’s brutal and corrupt favourites on the one hand and those who abhor the brazen gruesome crimes of his henchmen on the other hand. There are low-ranking officers and ordinary troops who say that they are fed-up with the corruption of the high ranking officers, of the blind and inutile operations and the cruelty to the workers, peasants and indigenous people.

BAYAN itself is a united front of wide scope and composed of organizations of the toiling masses and middle forces. But it is important to further expand the united front until it takes advantage of the splits among the ranks of the exploiting classes. They should be motivated to reject the Duterte clique. Those opposing Duterte must be encouraged to completely repudiate the Duterte clique, withdraw support from him within the ruling system, bureaucracy and apparatuses of state repression, and act to replace Duterte with his constitutional successor.

If this happens as in the overthrow of Marcos and Estrada in 1986 and 2001, the path will be cleared for the resumption of peace negotiations towards comprehensive agreements on social, economic and political reforms which shall be the basis for a just peace. If this does not happen, the people’s war for national liberation and democracy will continue and further blaze.

The role of BAYAN is decisive in rousing the patriotic and fighting spirit in accordance with the general line of national liberation and democracy through studies, discussions and publications, strengthening of solid mass organizations and mobilization of organized and unorganized masses to continuously increase mass protests until the Duterte clique loses its capacity to rule and is ripe for overthrow.

The role of BAYAN in Metro Manila is decisive because here is the center of the reactionary system and government and the manifestos, actions and victories of the patriotic and democratic forces shall be a signal for the whole country. The overthrow of the Duterte regime will be hastened if the mass actions are victorious and will strengthen the spirit of the people in the bureaucracy and the armed forces of the reactionary government and they will reject and withdraw support from the Duterte clique.

We are at a time where the crisis of the ruling system and the crimes of the Duterte regime are ahead of our initiatives and actions in goading the broad masses of the people to fight the enemy who causes their sufferings. We have a correct analysis of society and program of action, solid mass organizations and traditional and modern means and methods to hasten the pace of our struggle and defeat of the enemy and to advance the national democratic movement.

Expand the united front and intensify the mass movement!

Oust the treacherous, cruel, corrupt and mendacious Duterte regime!

Long live BAYAN and the Filipino people!

Jose Maria Sison
Prof. Jose Maria Sison is a Filipino patriot, a proletarian revolutionary and internationalist. He is a Filipino statesman, known for his experience in and knowledge of the people's democratic government and revolutionary forces in the Philippines. He is sometimes consulted by high officials of foreign governments and by presidents, senators, congressmen and local officials of the Philippine reactionary government concerning peace negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and related matters.