The Hague , Sept. 27, 2019 — Filipinos  in The Netherlands joined more than 35,000 protesters in the Global Climate Strike held in front of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague today. The protest march is part of the worldwide demonstrations demanding the world leaders to take immediate action on climate change.

The protesters also called an end to the genocide of indigenous Filipinos by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in cahoots with big mining and logging companies.

Citing from the documentary “War on Minerals”, Marlon Lacsamana,  vice chair of Migrante Den Haag, an organization of Filipino migrant workers said: “Investments in large-scale mining for nickel, gold and other minerals fueled by Rabo Bank, ABN-AMRO and even the nurses’ pension funds have been contributing to tragedies experienced in the Philippines due to landslides, heavy flooding and toxic poisoning.” 

Lacsamana further said that mining projects are located in the lands of indigenous peoples  and that such Dutch investments also support  corrupt politics that displace and kill indigenous Lumad and Moro people who defend their land, culture and life. 

Aldo Gonzalez, also of Migrante-The Hague,  adds that Filipinos unite with the protesters composed of students, teachers, workers, farmers, and migrants in the march for climate justice and action in the Netherlands. 

He said that system change is a strategic way to achieving climate justice. He explained that in the Philippines, there is a system of impunity to killings of citizens under a dictator government of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte. 

Human rights group Karapatan have raised the alarm in the United Nations about such impunity in the political repression of environmental defenders, human rights activists, journalists, farmers and peace negotiators and advocates. 

In a call for solidarity, artists from the Linangan-Willem Geertman Art and Culture Network stress the legacy of Geertman, a Dutch missionary to the Philippines who was assassinated for serving the interest of the poor people especially in their struggle to defend their land and the environment.#

Filipino migrant and climate justice advocates in the Netherlands:

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  • Migrante Den Haag
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