LFS to Duterte-PNP: Kayo ang nanggugulo sa rally

The League of Filipino Students slams Police Major Gen. Guillermo Eleazar’s pretentious statement in PNP’s press briefing yesterday, warning the rallyists to avoid bringing backpacks and jackets in the SONA demonstrations on July 22. Eleazar stated that this was part of the PNP’s security precautions should there be groups that would randomly plant evidence of firearms and bombs into random participants of the mobilization. 

“Eleazar is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for pretending to care for the rallyists when it has always been the PNP who’s blatant in triggering disputes during massive demonstrations. The rallyists only have their legitimate calls with them while Duterte’s goons have always violently dispersed them fully-geared with truncheons, wooden rods. Lest we forget that it was under the Duterte administration when the PNP has run over the protesters during a mobilization in front of the US embassy”, League of Filipino Students national spokesperson Kara Taggaoa said. 

Police officers hit fleeing protesters during a violent dispersal outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

In his fourth state of the nation address, Duterte should prepare for the Filipino people’s surge along the streets to express the real state of the nation. Various sectors will once again make history in amplifying calls for socio-economic demands, defense of our national sovereignty and territorial integrity, justice for summary killings and the regime’s outright fascism. 

“Duterte and the PNP could not fool us with their cheap PR stunts anymore because betrayal has run through their blood. It is no other than Duterte’s police force who have made the habit of planting firearm evidences into activists. This modus operandi has unjustly persecuted human rights advocates, labor union organizers, church workers, and other sectors”, Taggaoa added. 

“Demonstrations have continued to grow ever stronger because of the compelling reasons set by Duterte’s fascist government. His anti-people policies, ultimate puppetry to foreign plunderers, and corrupted mind have obligated the Filipino people to unite and militantly assert for their rights. No amount of lip-service could cover up for the fact that Duterte is a traitor, poverty instigator, plunderer, and a murderer. It’s not the rallyists who should take precautions in the upcoming SONA, but the Duterte government that’s on its way to ouster”, Taggaoa ended. ###

The leading anti-imperialist organization of the Filipino youth. The League of Filipino Students (LFS) started as an alliance against tuition fee increases and school repression during the time of Martial Law. Born September 11, 1977, the alliance formally became a national democratic mass organization in 1982. The LFS remains one of the largest student organizations in the country, continuously taking part in the history of the struggle of the youth and the people.