Media and arts alliance LODI denounces the unconstitutional and undeserved appointment of Fake News and Hate peddler Mocha Uson as OWWA deputy executive director. 

Section 6 Article IX of the Constitution prohibits losing candidates from being appointed to any government post for a period of one year after the election. Uson ran and lost in the recent elections as a first nominee of DDS partylist front organization AA KASOSYO. 

Uson cannot also be appointed to even a local government post without violating the Local Government Code.

Uson was not qualified as PCOO assistant secretary, and she is also not qualified to be in a position that requires full trust and confidence of OFWs in the handling of their funds. 

Misinformation, disinformation, hyperpartisanship and hate-filled rhetoric have no place in OWWA. Uson might endanger not just OWWA funds, but also the lives of OFWs. We have already seen Uson conspire with former DFA consultant release and profit from a video of an OFW rescue in 2018 which endangered the thousands of Filipinos in Kuwait. 

There could most probably be many other OWWA career officers who are infinitely more qualified, more deserving and more trustworthy than Uson who could serve as OWWA deputy executive director.