It was cold-blooded serial murder.

By people who are supposed to serve and protect us.

With evident premeditation, use of superior force, taking advantage of nighttime, and with brazen treachery, State security forces mowed down unarmed civilians roused from their edgy slumber in their own homes and offices.

Armed not only with lethal weapons, a platoon of bellicose police barged into our only natural sanctuaries, brandishing – when they fancy – a piece of paper they claim as licenses to terrorize and kill their own people.

With convoluted, discordant and incredible narratives, the police broke in reality rules of procedure and engagement. And more.

And yet the apologists would justify the bludgeoning and slaughtering by contorting elementary principles of distinction, necessity and proportionality in the use of armed force.

And when the howl of protest was too hot to handle, they are constrained to change tune and go through the motions even as the enablers and handlers of the murders continue to stick to their barefaced lies with no fiber of remorse matched only by the want of their credibility while piously raising their blood-soaked hands in phony prayer.

Just imagine going to bed with your kids and grandchildren with the thought that at any time in the dead of the still night your government is going to break down your doors, snatch you away and snuff out the life out of you for good measure because after all they have a piece of paper signed with majesty and emboldened by those who look the other way.

And so what do these State-sanctioned murderers want? Force the people to take the option that these killers do not want them to take in the first place? Quite absurd.

And lest we forget, at the end of the day, this is on you, sir. #