Given China’s failure to compensate Filipino fishermen and the Philippine government’s weak response to the incident, various groups will hold a noise barrage today 5pm at the Eliptical Road in Quezon City. The action is dubbed “Bumusina para sa hustisya sa mangingisdang Pilipino! Bumusina kontra sa China!”

The Duterte regime’s failure to assert the interests of the Filipino fishermen spurs the people into action. The people must fight for justice and our sovereign rights. 

The Duterte government claims to be interested in “all the facts” but in reality, it is only interested in not offending China. 

The facts are already clear: 

1. A Chinese fishing vessel was illegally fishing in our exclusive economic zone near Recto Bank. This was an admission made by the Chinese ship captain. 
2. The Chinese vessel hit a Filipino boat which caused the latter to sink. 
3. The Chinese vessel left the Filipino fishermen adrift after the sinking. 
4. Vietnamese fishermen from 5 nautical miles away came to rescue the Filipinos. 

These facts are not disputed. These facts are sufficient to demand compensation from China for the Filipino fishermen whose boat sank. These facts are enough to hold the crew of the Chinese fishing vessel accountable. 

The greatest tragedy here is not the sinking of the Filipino ship nor the fishermen left adrift. The greatest tragedy here is that the Filipino victims do not have the unequivocal support of their own government. They however have the support of the Filipino people. 

Today, on the birth anniversary of Jose Rizal, we pledge to continue fighting for genuine freedom and for national sovereignty.

BAYAN's commitment is to the Filipino people - among those at the forefront of our people’s continuing struggle for national liberation and democracy. Founded on the determination and strength of the majority of oppressed classes, Bayan is an alliance composed mainly of organizations of workers and peasant. Various sectors also account for many of our allied organization mass membership.