On ‘Real Narcolist’ video complaint: Pure and unadulterated hogwash

The criminal complaint filed by a shady character, aided and abetted by unabashedly partisan forces, is pure and unadulterated hogwash.

For any body to lend it perfunctory consideration is a waste of time, money, resources, if not brain neurons.

The comically contrived allegations, stripped of their pretentions and inventions, are plain political harassment and persecution against the opposition and critics of a government that does not tolerate dissent, divergence and discussion. 

It is even doubly upsetting that lawyers as human rights defenders like our colleagues in Manlaban are now the objects of political reprisal and vendetta. 

We knew it was coming, but we never thought it will come as a lowblow as this incredible script being peddled by the police and aided by government lawyers who are supposed to serve and protect the public even if only from things that addle the brain. 

This, along with a procession of attacks against human rights defenders of which the NUPL has more than its own share, is indubitable evidence that law, legal principles and legal processes can be distorted for ignoble political ends.

In time, these unscrupulous creatures will reap what they sow. They should be charged accordingly for perjury, malicious prosecution and bad acting. 

Thus we view this slew of charges as scraps of paper meant to punish and silence, even prevent and stop, us from doing our work and advocacy for justice, accountability, due process and good government. 

As we express support and solidarity especially for our colleagues in the profession, we will ride out this storm and we will keep on plodding. #

The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers was founded September 15, 2007 as a nationwide association of human rights lawyers as well as law students, paralegals and legal workers in the Philippines united by a commitment to the defense, protection, and promotion of human rights especially of the poor and the oppressed. nupl2007@gmail.com | 02 9206660