On the presidential bid of the dictator’s son

Bongbong Marcos was far from a mere bystander in the atrocities committed by his father’s fascist dictatorship. His slogan “Babangon Muli” to announce his bid for the presidency in the 2022 elections not only means a bid for the Marcoses to return to Malacañang: it is a insidious call to revive their despicable brand of governance — embezzlement of public funds, wholesale violations of people’s rights and civil liberties, and barefaced lies in historical distortions and denialism.

Karapatan condemns in the strongest terms Bongbong Marcos’ shameless announcement as we vow to vehemently oppose and frustrate any and all efforts of the Marcoses to return to power, clearly aided no less by the Duterte administration. They are remorselessly spitting on the thousands murdered, illegally arrested and detained, tortured, sexually violated, and forcibly disappeared under their family’s tyrannical rule.

What is nonetheless clear now is that the 2022 national elections will be a tough battlefield, and we must exert all efforts to resist the brewing tactics of the Marcoses and the Dutertes to entrench themselves in power and revive in full the horrors of Marcosian martial law. We call on all freedom-loving Filipinos to join us in standing for truth and justice as we ring the calls #NeverAgain and #NoDuterteMarcos2022.

Cristina Palabay
Karapatan Secretary General

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