MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE of the Veloso family on the favorable decision of the Supreme Court

Good day to everyone. I am very happy after learning that Mary Jane will now be allowed to speak. I am very thankful to the Supreme Court for giving us hope, Mary Jane can now explain her side and tell the truth to the whole world. Mary Jane is the only one who knows the whole truth. Our family is very happy especially her two children . They were jumping in joy upon hearing the good news.

Mary Jane has been in prison for 10 years now, suffering. Her children our growing up with out the care of their mother. We hope that on the 28th, the truth will finally be revealed. I hope the whole world will hear her, especially our government, so that she can soon be free and be reunited with her family .

We are thankful to the lord. To our lawyers, to Migrante, to all the supporters of Mary Jane, heartfelt gratitude to all of you.

Migrante International welcomes the Supreme Court decision to finally allow Mary Jane Veloso to give her testimony against her traffickers through written deposition.

With this ruling, Mary Jane will be able to bring to light the horrors of her ordeal. This will likewise allow the authorities in the Philippines and Indonesia to examine how big international drug and human traffickers victimize unsuspecting migrant workers and travellers. It shall also serve as a precedent for overseas Filipinos who may in troublesome circumstances later find themselves victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment. 

We recognize that this significant SC decision is also engendered by the untiring efforts of Mary Jane’s family and supporters who refused to just let her case be swept away into oblivion. Migrante International is grateful to all those who stood by with the Veloso family right from the beginning up to this latest phase in her family’s legal battle here in the Philippines. We thank our allies both here and abroad for their outpouring of support in our last ditch effort to ensure that Mary Jane be presented as the prosecution’s last witness on October 28 which is the final court hearing set by the Nueva Ecija RTC for the presentation of prosecution witnesses.

Our hopes are now high that with Mary Jane’s presentation of her written testimony, it shall make way for that much awaited moment when she will be finally reunited with her loved ones in the Philippines. More than ever before, Migrante International will continue to fight for the rights and welfare of Filipino migrants and their families, more so for those who are in the most adverse situations.