Rest in power my dearest friend – Ka Fidel

Rest in power my dearest friend – Ka Fidel – National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF) Peace Negotiating Panel Chairperson. I will never forget our amazing times in Utrecht, most specially our One Billion Rising concert, and when I gave a One Billion Rising global sharing and talk at the office, where we danced!

I will never forget that moment, when I looked at you as I began singing “Do You Hear The People Sing”, our eyes locked, and I saw you crying. Then I started to cry too. How in that moment, I felt all the long years of struggle for liberation of the Filipino people. The sacrifices, the pain, the hardship of a people so abused and exploited. But a people with such love for our beloved country and for fellow Filipinos.

Understood this deeper from somewhere deep inside me. My revolutionary heart. When I finished the song, it was to you I ran to in such a powerful embrace. No words. Just tears. And such a profound exchange of a shared dream. In your embrace I touched so hugely the hope and freedom we are Rising for.

Thank you dearest Ka Fidel. For your heart. For your love for the Philippines and the Filipinos that burned as bright as the sun. For the legacy you leave behind. And for being an inspiration. We will all miss you.

Pagpupugay sa iyo Ka Fidel!