Photo by BAYAN USA

On 10/31, regional offices of GABRIELA, BAYAN MUNA, and the National Federation of Sugar Workers were raided by police and state forces. Over 60 activists were arrested in Negros and Metro Manila. In the same week, on 10/26, Philippine military dropped 500 lb. bombs on Samar Island. We understand this crackdown on activists and critics of the Duterte regime is part of the regime’s ongoing counterinsurgency program, Oplan Kapanatagan and Memorandum Order 32 (MO 32) to silence the growing mass movement in the Philippines.

BAYAN-USA Northeast is calling on all member organizations and allies to mobilize in front of the Philippine Consulate in NYC at 6PM to stand with Negros and Samar, to condemn the US-Duterte regime’s counterinsurgency efforts, and to stand firm and united as part of the national democratic struggle towards socialism in the Philippines.

Activism is not a crime! We demand the immediate release of the 62 activists arrested in Negros and Metro Manila!
Junk Oplan Kapanatagan, EO70, and MO32!

From New York to the Philippines, end police terror and state repression!

Oust the US-Duterte Regime!