StopTheAttacks against peasant advocates in Negros island!

Human rights defenders, peasant leaders and advocates, as well as church people continue to face gross human rights violations under the increased militarization put into effect by the Duterte regime’s Memorandum Order 32.

This morning, 1 July 2019, Jennifer Herminio, Abel Herminio, Joan dela Cruz, and a certain Tinggoy were arrested by the Philippine National Police of Himamaylan City in Brgy Buenavista. All four are members of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP). Jennifer and Joan were among those listed in a warrant of arrest issued against other church members already arrested last week on fabricated and trumped-up charges. 

This incident follows the inexcusable arrest of Jimmy Teves, a UCCP pastor, as well as the abduction of Jodito Montecino, former chairperson of the local KMP chapter Kauswagan ng Magsasaka, by elements of the 62nd Infantry Battalion in Himamaylan. 

Since the issuance of MO32, de-facto martial law has been in place in the entirety of Negros island, where five battalions of the Philippine army are currently stationed.

With the Defend Negros #stoptheattacks Network, we call on the Duterte regime to release the unjustly detained civilians recklessly targeted by their counter-insurgency operations, pull out troops from the island, and junk the anti-peasant and anti-worker policy that is MO32.

#HandsOffActivists and peasant leaders! #EndMilitarization in the countryside! #JunkMO32! Carry on with the peasant struggle for land and justice, particularly genuine agrarian reform!

SAKA - Sama-samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo (Artist Alliance for Genuine Land Reform and Rural Development) is an anti-feudal alliance of art and cultural workers that support and advance the peasant agenda of genuine agrarian reform, rural development, and food security.