Patriotic youth group Anakbayan today rallied in front of the Department of Justice in support of youth leaders and progressive personalities, on the occasion of the 4th hearing into the “missing minors” complaint triggered by Senator Bato’s irrational anti-left hysteria.

The youth group also took the opportunity to slam the Senator’s messianic pronouncement to “save the youth from the left” as he launched his committee report that called for the militarization of schools and universities nationwide.

“Bato only wants to save the interests of the ruling classes, save the interests of Duterte, and save the interests of foreign powers, not the youth. It is ridiculous for Bato, the architect of Tokhang that is killing the youth, to claim he wants to save us.” said Anakbayan spokesperson Alex Danday.

Bato’s concern for the youth rings hollow given his casual and callous disregard for the deaths of PMA cadets due to hazing and sheer negligence, as well as the collateral damage caused by Tokhang.

“Is Bato really concerned? Didn’t he say that “shit happens” when a toddler died in a drug operation? Didn’t he just say yesterday that “minalas lang” yung cadet na nalunod last week? Bato’s fake concern is clownish at the very least.”

Bato and his small-minded cohorts in the AFP and PNP want to flood schools with state propaganda to replace critical thinking and the free exchange of ideas with narrow-minded and enemy-focused thinking.

“Bato wants to destroy critical thinking and academic freedom in order to stop the youth from thinking of a better world and solutions towards a brighter future,” continued Danday. “This is their latest defense of a rotten system.”

“They want us to stop thinking that capitalist exploitation of workers and farmers makes the few rich at the expense of poverty for millions. They want us to think that exploitation, oppression, and repression is normal.”

“They want the youth to be accepting, meek, and timid; to think that killings are normal, that democratic dissent and speech is rebellion; that to unite and struggle with the oppressed is futile; and that there is nothing that can be done to solve injustice and inequality in Philippine society.”

Our calls as the future of this country are clear and consistent—an end to neoliberal economic policies like TRAIN and Rice Tariffication; increased wages; regularization; safe working conditions; genuine agrarian reform; an end to Martial Law, Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Sauron, and Implan Kapanatagan; full implementation of free quality education at all levels; and affordable and quality mass transport for all.

The youth cannot rely on the elites and their clownish lapdogs in the government and the military to defend us and our future. 

We have to save ourselves from Bato and his ilk, to forge a better future for ourselves and the rest of the Filipino people.