In the name of warring on illegal drugs, he has ordered the mass murder of more than 30,000 suspected drug users and pushers among the urban slums but he has spared the big time drug lords and smugglers, especially those belonging to Chinese criminal triads openly close to his son son Paolo and his special assistant Bong Go. He has become the biggest criminal in the Philippines, subject to prosecution and trial before the International Criminal Court.

In the name of fighting corruption and the oligarchs, he as bureaucrat capitalist has amassed wealth while in office, allowed his oligarch cohorts to further enrich themselves with the use of his political power, revised the ignominious memory of the plunderer Marcos and caused the dismissal of the cases of plunder against the families of Marcos, Estrada, Arroyo and others. In every year of his regime, hundreds of billions of public funds and bribes are funnelled to his secret bank accounts abroad.

In the name of peace and order, he has ordered the mass murder of suspected rebels and social activists, lawyers,  judges, religious and human rights defenders, the red-tagging of organizations and individuals critical of his regime, the holding of barangay meetings to make the attendants appear as NPA surrenderers and the bombardment of rural communities by planes, artillery and mortar in order to give away the land and natural resources to plantation, mining, logging and real estate corporations.

In the name of economic development, he has increased the foreign and local public debt burden as well as the tax burden of the people in order to engage in corrupt overpriced infrastructure projects and increase luxury imports, thus worsening the conditions of high unemployment, low incomes and mass poverty and causing the prices of basic commodities to soar. In view of the ordinary people’s anger at the rapidly rising prices, it is obvious that he has been paying for the poll survey firms to make him look eternally popular

In the name of serving the toiling masses, he has perpetuated and aggravated the system of short term contractualization (every five months) in order to press down the wages of workers.  He has allowed the importation of rice and other agricultural products at the expense of the local farmers. He has pretended to be for land reform but has merely distributed pieces of paper to require the landless farmers to pay for unaffordable prices for the land. He has brutally used the police and military to suppress the democratic rights of the workers and peasants.

In the name of suppressing Islamic jihadism, he has destroyed Marawi City, used the uprising of the Maute group to proclaim martial law all over Mindanao and pocketed the rehabilitation funds from national and international agencies.  Worst of all, he has used martial rule in Mindanao and his control of the Comelec electronic vote count ib order to fabricate the May 2019 election results in favor of his senatorial candidates and the party list groups loyal to him in order to have a supermajority in both houses of Congress.

In the name of independent foreign policy, he has retained all the treaties, agreements and arrangements that make the US the most dominant imperialist power in the Philippines. To please the US, he has pledged to destroy the revolutionary movement and further liberalize the entry of foreign investments. At the same time, he has waived the sovereign rights of the Filipino people over the West Philippines Sea in favor of China and has allowed Chinese state and private corporations to control the national power grid, the telecom system and vital industries in the economy.

In the name of anti-terrorism, he has deliberately terminated the peace negotiations with the NDFP  in order to scapegoat the CPP and NPA and rationalize the use of state terrorism in his evil scheme to impose fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people and perpetuate himself, his family and his cronies in power. But because he has been failing to destroy the revolutionary movement, he is once again  pretending to be for peace negotiations.  The revolutionary movement is  rapidly growing in  strength and advancing against the escalation of oppression and exploitation and the colossal crimes of the Duterte regime against the Filipino people.